Toni Richter


NeoGUARD is an AI-supported application for healthcare professionals, designed for the early detection of complications during labour.


UX/UI Design


Jannis Wäder


Childbirth can often be stressful, especially when midwives and doctors have to attend to multiple deliveries simultaneously. The traditional manual interpretation of Cardiotocography (CTG) data is time-consuming, subjective, and frequently prone to human errors. While we can’t address the staffing shortage, we can assist by leveraging technology to ease the work of professionals.

Solution approach

NeoGUARD is designed to be easy-to-use in stressful situations with little time to think about next steps. The build-in AI evaluates the data and recognizes even small anomalies in the CTG scans – on that base it suggests recommendations for further actions.


The result is a cross-device application. For the medical context a mobile tablet is the most common and practical one, because the integrated camera lense can scan the CTG data and process it directly, leaving no time to waste for data-transfer.

Functionality, user-friendliness, and flexibility are at the core of the design, ensuring an intuitive user experience and reliable CTG scan results.


NeoGUARD comes with a clear, intuitive interface so that users can focus on their actual tasks. The UI elements are therefore kept simple and clean – primary cta buttons for example have a strong contrast to quickly guide the users eyes. Information is visualized well through different hierarchies in the layout.

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