What is form.io?

This desktop application is a conversational AI based system that facilitates form work by taking over data input and explaining technical terms in a comprehensible way. By depositing their data in the system, the bot is able to fill out the correct places of the form in the background. Users don’t fill out classical paper sheets but instead have a “conversation” with a bot. Through innovative technologies it’s possible to solve common problems like tons of paper sheets or incomprehensible sentences.

What is a conversational AI bot?

It can have a bigger field of implementation than a regular rule-based chatbot, because it can precisly react to user input through machine learning. It understands e.g. context, slang, misspelling and can learn from real conversations of other users to improve itself. The answers aren’t pre-defined but are individually generated.


Project partners: Sarah Kuklinski, Luis Pflüger
Supervised by:
Ludwig Kannicht, Steffen Mitschelen