Lense.io is an assistance for nursing staff in their daily work. It visualizes the most important patient data in a compact form and facilitates billing, organization and administration work. In order to design an efficient workflow, we looked at various technologies and decided on a combination of a smart contact lens and a muscle contraction bracelet for gesture control.

With the smart contact lens, the data barcode can be scanned on the patient’s wrist, whereupon patient data is projected in front of the eye. The most important data can be seen at a glance:

  • Personal information
  • Appointments of the patient
  • Medication
  • Vital signs in real time

Another important aspect of the lens is the ability to document treatments by recording and automatically transfer them into the system to simplify billing steps.

The wristband for tracking muscle contraction is an excellent counterpart to this. Sensors recognize the hand movements of the forearm muscles, which can be translated into targeted gestures. Five different finger signals can be used to navigate through the patient data. In addition, there is the option to mark an entry in order to remember something and change it later in the system.

The combination of these two elements guarantees easy handling and inconspicuous interaction in front of patients. Even if technology can be of great help, direct interaction between nurse and patient should be able to take place without disturbance at any time.

The product can also be transferred to other areas. Professions in which one must be mobile and – at the same time – depend on information on a screen, offer the perfect basis for Lense.io.

Project partners: Sarah Kuklinski, Luis Pflüger
Supervised by:
Prof. David Oswald, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Barnhöfer